We as a company and as individuals we believe that black lives matter, and have always mattered. We appreciate, value, and love all the amazing things the black community as done for the United States and rest of the world. We recognize that you've been treated unfairly. We recognize the struggles that your people have to endure day after day year after year living in a world structured around systematic racism. We see as a company see it, and refuse to look away. We stand with you through actions as a brand.

Taking action means speaking up. Using your voice. Signing petitions. Informing yourself and the ones around you. It is our job to bridge the gaps in our communities by supporting black voices. We vow to continue to educate ourselves and apply what we have learned as a small business and  as individuals as we build this brand. We choose to support black lead organizations with donations from the sales of our products. Some of the organizations we choose to support are: NAACP, Don’t Shoot PDX, Snack Bloc, and ACLU Portland. As always, if you can, we encourage people to donate directly rather than buying products through us.

Black Lives Matter.